Pre-election calls for reform to family justice system

Resolution, whose members are committed to a constructive and conciliatory approach to family disputes, is lobbying for commitment from the major political parties ahead of the 2017 general election to reform the family law system.

It is proposed that urgent reform is needed to encourage a more amicable, fair and modern system that will reduce conflict and avoid the need for people to assign blame when separating.

Resolution makes four proposals, which it claims “will make a huge, positive difference to the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people that separate each year”:

  1. Allow couples to divorce without blame.
  2. Give cohabiting couples, who make up 10% of the population, some basic legal rights.
  3. Ensure there is fair access to the family justice system.
  4. Give people more financial clarity on divorce.

You can find further details on the Resolution website here: