The voice of the child

The Ministry of Justice supports the principle that all children over the age of 10 should have the opportunity, should they want to,  to meet with a qualified child inclusive trained mediator for their wishes and feeling to be taken in to account in the discussions that their parents are having about their future arrangements.

‘ It cannot be right that parents can mediate an agreement affecting their child or children… in absence of the children’s voice being heard’.  Simon Hughes – Voice of the Child Conference July 2014.

Bernadette Hoy has been practicing as a family mediator for a number of years and is now able to offer child inclusive mediation. Bernadette says ‘ Mediation is a very effective way of assisting parents resolve issues concerning their child or children. By being able to meet with the child and their view being heard will help the whole family come to arrangements that will work for everyone’.

Bernadette can be contacted on 020 84275656 or email