Legal costs

Garside & Hoy Fees

We are happy to provide many of our Legal Services to you on a Fixed Fee.

The advantage to you is that it provides you with certainty as to cost and assists you with your budgeting. We will confirm to you in writing what is covered by the Fixed Fee that we agree with you. We will not change the Fixed Fee agreed with you. We will not delegate your matter to non qualified staff. Our solicitors will be your point of contact.

Fixed Fees are offered for:

  • Buying and selling a property
  • Preparation of Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Court of Protection applications
  • Probate
  • Uncontested Divorce proceedings

For Family matters

We provide an initial Fixed Fee meeting to discuss the available options to you. We also offer a fixed fee for an undefended divorce. We are transparent about the likely estimate of your costs and have links with a litigation funding company who may be able to assist you with funding your case.

For Probate matters

We can help you through this difficult process by obtaining the Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration) on your behalf. We will also undertake the collecting and distributing of assets and drawing up Estate Accounts for your approval.

How much does this service cost?

To allow us to offer you a fixed fee for probate services we offer you a free half hour appointment (no obligation) to discuss the matter. At that appointment we will review the assets and liabilities within the estate and agree a fixed fee for the administration plus VAT and disbursements.  However, an average estate with one property to sell and no inheritance tax due is £5,000 plus VAT and disbursements.

Breakdown of costs:

Legal fees – Profit Costs agreed following free half hour interview

VAT on legal fees is £20% of the profit costs plus disbursements.


  • Probate court fee of £155.00
  • £5 Swearing of the oath and £2 per additional document (per executor).
  • Bankruptcy-only Land Charges Department searches (£2 per beneficiary).
  • £180.00 Post in The London Gazette and Local Newspaper – Protects against unexpected claims from unknown creditors (incurred upon your instructions and at your discretion).
  • Share valuations fees – approximately £60.00 per holding.

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

As part of our fixed fee we will:

  • Provide you with a dedicated and experienced probate solicitor to work on your matter
  • Identify the legally appointed executors or administrators and beneficiaries
  • Accurately identify the type of Probate application you will require
  • Obtain the relevant documents required to make the application
  • Complete the Probate Application and the relevant HMRC forms
  • Draft a legal oath for you to swear
  • Make the application to the Probate Court on your behalf
  • Obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Collect and distribute all assets in the estate
  • Draw up Estate Accounts

How long does the process take ?

On average, estates that are not subject to inheritance tax and have no property to sell can be dealt with within 12 to 18 weeks. Typically, obtaining the grant of probate takes 12 weeks. Collecting assets then follows, which can take between 4 to 6 weeks. Once this has been done, we can then draw up the Estate Accounts and distribute the estate.

For Conveyancing matters

Our costs are set out below or contact us by using this form  and we can email or telephone you to let you the fixed costs for buying or selling your property

SALE Freehold Leasehold
Under £500,000 £810 + vat £860 + VAT
Over £500,000 £860 + vat £910 + VAT
CHAPS Transfer £25 + VAT Per Transfer
Office Copy Entries* £6 £12

*Can be higher if more documents required to be ordered from Land Registry at the cost of £3.00 per document

PURCHASE Freehold Leasehold
Under £500,000 £810 + VAT £860 + VAT
Over £500,000 £860 + VAT £910 + VAT
Over £860,000 0.1% of Value + VAT
CHAPS Transfer £25 + VAT Per Transfer
Electronic Registration with HM Land Registry £45 + VAT
Local Authority Search* £280 Approx
Drainage Search* £70 Approx
Environment Search* £60 Approx
Pre-Completion title check £3 Per Title
Bankruptcy Search £2 Per Person
Lawyer Check Search £12
HM Land Registry Fee See table below

*Search fees vary from local authority to local authority and can be both higher and lower than the figures quoted. The exact figures will be confirmed once the searches are ordered through our agent.

Legal Fees £475 + VAT
CHAPS Transfer £25 + VAT
Electronic Registration with HM Land Registry £45 + VAT
Office Copy Entries* £6
Pre-Completion title check £3
Bankruptcy Search £2 Per Person
HM Land Registry Fee See table below

*Can be higher if more documents required to be ordered from Land Registry at the cost of £3.00 per document. If a transfer of equity is proposed jointly with a re-mortgage then please discuss with us as further fees will be payable dependant on the nature of the transaction

Property Value Fee-Postal applications and New Leases Fee – Electronic Applications
£ 0 – 80,000 £40 £20
£ 80,001 – 100,000 £80 £40
£ 100,001 – 200,000 £190 £95
£ 200,001 – 500,000 £270 £135
£ 500,001 – 1,000,000 £540 £270
£ 1,000,001 and over £910 £455

Stamp Duty Land Tax / Land Transaction Tax

This depends on the purchase price of your property. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website or if the property is located in Wales by using the Welsh Revenue Authority’s website here.

ADDITIONAL FEES – If the property falls into one of the categories below it will incur these additional legal fees
Share of freehold £175 + VAT Retirement Property £100 + VAT
Shared ownership £100 + VAT Help to Buy ISA £50 + VAT

(Purchase Only)

£100 + VAT Help to Buy

Equity Loan

£250 + VAT
Buy to Let already occupied £150 + VAT


Notice of Transfer / Charge £30-90 Per Notice
Deed of Covenant £100-£200
Certificate of Compliance £100-£200
Licence to Assign £200-£475
Freeholder Replies to Enquiries £100-£350