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Julia Newland

Julia Newland

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With many years’ experience, Julia has proven expertise in the following areas of law.


Julia advises on all the legal formalities following a death (known collectively as probate), including the administration of estates, and Deeds of Variation. As a Solicitor Advocate, she is also able to appear in court on behalf of clients and has won many notable inheritance claims and challenges over the past seven years.

Her experience as a litigator is invaluable, giving her a clarity and precision when drafting wills and advising on inheritance tax which non-litigators in this area often lack.

In addition, as a member of the Law Society Probate Section and of the Society of Estate & Trust Practitioners (STEPS), she is able to give advice on changes in the law as and when they happen.


Working closely with a wide range of clients, Julia advises on all aspects of preparing and amending wills. She is particularly well regarded for her ability to advise on the implications of inheritance tax and the new rules regarding the value of an estate not subject to Inheritance Tax for married couples (known legally as the Nil Rate Band).

Elderly clients

Julia has considerable experience in assisting elderly clients and other vulnerable adults. She advises on all aspects of their financial affairs as well as arranging long-term residential and nursing care.

In many cases, she has been appointed by The Court of Protection to take care of these affairs herself, working closely with social workers and other professionals in the community to give her clients the best possible advice and assistance.

St Lukes Hospice Trustee

Julia is also on the Board of Trustees for St Lukes Hospice in Harrow, which provides specialist palliative care services for the people of Harrow and North Brent. This is a voluntary role Julia undertakes to assist with the overall management of the hospice, monitoring its performance and prioritising its role and activities in our local community.

“I have the utmost respect and admiration for the excellence at St Lukes demonstrated every day by their superb team and wonderful volunteers. It is a privilege to be working with such dedicated colleagues to continue, promote and strive for excellence in the governance of this wonderful organisation”

How I work

Julia is committed to working with her clients to provide specialist and practical advice and always aims for the highest standard of ethics and professionalism in her work.

“It’s not just a moral responsibility – it’s good for business too; most of my clients come back again and again.”

Recent Experience


Julia has recently drafted wills for an entire family who, following the death of a relative who failed to make a Will, recognised just how important it is. She advised them on the implications of Inheritance Tax, including potential changes in the latest Pre-Budget Statement, as well as the use of the Nil Rate Band.

Tax saving

Julia recently advised on the administration of a large estate, successfully saving the beneficiaries a large inheritance tax payment. She encouraged the four beneficiaries, one of whom was a charity, to enter into a Deed of Variation. In it, they each agreed to receive the maximum amount they could without being liable for inheritance tax. The balance was paid to the charity, which was legally exempt for inheritance tax purposes.

Financial abuse

Julia successfully won back a property and a significant sum of money – including legal costs – for an older client. Following her appointment as a Deputy in the Court of Protection, Julia represented the client, proving that a woman posing as a relative had persuaded the client to sign documents she was not able to understand because of her mental health. The ‘relative’ had been able to take large sums of money from her account and even transfer legal ownership of a property.

Protecting the infirm

When Julia was asked to advise a client on a number of financial issues after he’d had a stroke, she quickly noticed a potential financial abuse; large amounts of money had been transferred from his bank account and couldn’t be accounted for. Working with the police, Julia discovered that significant sums of money had been taken over a number of years but she helped recover more than £300,000 and the person responsible was convicted.

Post-Death Variations

Julia can assist with a Deed of Variation for the following purposes: to save Inheritance Tax; to provide for someone who has been omitted from the Will or who has not been given adequate financial provision in the Will; to alter the interests under a Will; to redirect an asset held in a joint tenancy which would otherwise pass to the surviving joint tenant and to resolve any uncertainty or defect in the Will.

Professional Memberships

Law Society of England and Wales.
Member of Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates
Student Member of Society of Estate & Trust Practitioners
Member of Probate Section of Law Society


Law Degree LLB (Hons)
Masters Degree in Medical Law & Ethics

Work History

Julia qualified as a solicitor in 2001 following her training at a
North London Firm and has been a partner at Garside & Hoy since July 2004.

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